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Cogne UK Limited: Dedicated To Meeting Your Steel Needs

Cogne UK was established in February 1997 by Cogne Acciai Speciali, a leading European special steels manufacturer.

We are the market leaders in the stockholding and processing of Stainless, Tool Steel and Construction products, with over 2500 tonnes of Rounds, Hexagons, Squares, Dowel bars and Tying wire held in stock here in Sheffield.

Since our formation in 1997 we have continually invested in our professional sales team, warehouse facilities and process machinery. Because of this, we believe we can meet all our customers' needs.

We have a dedicated team based in Sheffield, who are experienced and focused to deliver a wealth of supply chain management. We treat all our customers with the same high standards of service and quality, with one common goal to build solid, long term relationships for the future.


Latest News

Rolls-Royce Approval

Cogne UK is pleased to announce that it has been granted approval as a supplier for Rolls-Royce Nuclear Submarines sector requirements and expectations specified in GS3001 and SABRe. Read More...

Cogne and the Energy sector

As the Global energy demand continues to surge and conventional Oil and Gas reserves are decreasing, many of the remaining supplies are in harder to reach places, such as deep oceans or in frozen Arctic.

This is where Cogne can help. We are increasingly focusing on the manufacture and distribution of the following materials:
Duplex (UNS S31803/F51)
Super Duplex (UNS S32760/F55)
17/4PH (630) and 400 series to meet the UK and International markets. We understand the industry's demands, such as quality of product, delivery times and high performance.

Remember we don't just DISTRIBUTE it we MANUFACTURE it.

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Cogne and Tool Steels

As an innovative independent manufacturer and distributor, we believe our history sets us apart from our competitors.

We understand our customers' expectations of quality and service. This understanding motivates and focuses our highly skilled sales team to meet your needs.

Our large portfolio of Tool Steels in Rounds, Flats and Machined Blocks spans all major areas of industry including, rolls, die casting, extrusions, energy, aerospace, hot forging, machine knife, and general tool making.

Coupled with this our extensive processing capability and flexible production planning, we can provide our customers with the confidence and reliability they expect.

Remember we don't just DISTRIBUTE it we MANUFACTURE it.

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